The Most Mind-Blowing Deep Fake Examples of 2020

Deep Fake technology has become incredibly realistic. We've put together the best examples of deep fake videos that have ever been made. We think they can get any more convincing then this.

What are Deep Fakes?

Deep fakes are the creation of realistic fake videos using a technology known as "Deep Neural Networks". They work in a similar way to the brain, with deep connected layers of neurons which are able to learn the features of faces amongst many  other applications.

Obama Deep Fake (Classic Deep fake)

This was one was classically produced by BuzzFeed. People have been fast to point out the irony of Buzzfeed producing a deep fake video warning people about the dangers of fake news it does show the risks of using deep fakes for creating misleading and dangerous content.

Jim Carrey, Jim Carrey everywhere 

Robert Downey Jr & Tom Holland in Back to the Future!

Trump Deep Fake Video

This deep fake video of trump in breaking bad is pure parody gold.

Putin vs Bond in Casino Royale

Mr Bean J'Dore Advert - You'll never see him the same again

Brad Pitt in "The Room" (The Disaster Artist)

"Home Stallone"

Jim Carrey Plays "The Joker" 😂

Obama stars in detective Pikachu

Trump Big Enough Song

Nikolas Cage becomes the new Indiana Jones

This article was updated on May 27, 2020


I'm obsessed with AI, and technology and follow closely developments in Deep fakes and how they are going to impact the future of the world